Sunday, April 26, 2009

5 months old...

where has the time gone?!

Monday, January 12, 2009

An actual post.... maybe? :)

Depending on how much longer Emma naps- that will determine how long this post is! hehe! :)

Life as a Mom is awesome!! I never ever knew I could love someone so much. She's SUCH a joy. She loves to "talk" to me. Everyday she's making new sounds and jabbering away. She may be a talker like her Mom ;) She rolled over at 5 1/2 weeks old. Crazy! :) She's trying to sit up all the time. She hates laying down. She always likes to be up and looking around. She loves her playmat. She's always batting at the toys.

She's been in her crib for a week now. She's doing great. She'll sleep from 11:30-6:40 without waking to eat... she'll wake... eat.. then sleep more until about 10. When she wakes up the cutest and happiest baby ever :) She fights sleep every night though! And all day lol

Well, DH has arrived and is demanding attention.. lol.. sorry for the post and run. I'll try to post new pictures soon!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Pictures :)

How about a picture post since I haven't had time to write a blog post?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Birth Story

Sorry it's late! (Sorry Trish!!!!!!)

Emma Renee Kissinger
Ok I know everyone said "It's a love like no other" which I believed... but it's 100% undeniably true. She's amazing. Tom has been absolutely amazing with her too. Makes me fall in love with him even more.

I woke up Tuesday at 3:30am having contractions on my own. They were pretty intense by the time I got to the hospital at the scheduled time (6am). I was 4cm & 80% effaced at that point. They hooked me up to pitocin and gave me my epi (which felt amazing- ha) The doctor came in and broke my water and that point "hell broke loose" Her heart rate at that point started falling. Around the 70bpm point I was being turned onto my left side, then right side, then they said "Get on your hands and knees" (Not to mention while numb from the waist down) I literally ripped and clawed my way over. At that point she hit below 40 bpm. They yelled "GET DOWN" They started running to the OR at that point. We left our room, entered the OR and she was out in LESS THAN 3 MINUTES (terrifying minutes). They literally threw me on the other table, threw the tarp in front of my view and started cutting.

She came out screaming. I broke down at that point. Sobbing. I was so relieved. Poor Tom didn't have time to gown up and make it in the room in time- but we're quite OK with that! Getting her out alive is what mattered. Even now when I tell her "birth story" I still almost cry at that point. I can't even describe how scary it was.

She's been doing great ever since. She did get a touch of jaundice which has already cleared up.

8lbs 14.7oz ~ 20 inches

I scowl like my Mommy....

Monday, November 24, 2008

Can't believe it...

I got a phone call from the warranty company this morning. They were unable to find a contractor that could come to our house before THURSDAY. Finally she told me I could find my own plumber they would reimburse us for paying for one. I was able to find one who took care of the problem (for now) and it was $205. They are going to reimburse us the whole amount. Thank God!

I can't believe I'm being induced tomorrow and will (probably) meet my little girl tomorrow. I'm so anxious, nervous, excited, in disbelief. I'm being induced at 6am EST. I can't wait to see her face and cover it with kisses.

Please pray for our safety! :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

More eventful day..

First I was upset about this....

On Wednesday night water backed up into our garage while I was running the washing machine. Tom heard it and was able to stop the machine before it flooded most of the garage. I submitted a claim to our home warranty. They said someone would contact us in 24hrs. Nobody EVER called... but the water went down and we were able to resume normal things like dishwasher, washing machine, etc.

Well tonight -while DH was out- I started a load of laundry and went & raked the front yard... I'm sure you know where this is going...

my whole garage is soaked...... laundry waiting to be done is soaked.... boxes on the garage floor are soaked... I pinched my finger trying to move something.. I feel like having a meltdown.

I called the emergency home warranty line and they said they are going to try and get someone here within 8hrs. I'm so afraid they are going to come out and find out it's backing up for some reason they won't pay for... ya know warranty restrictions, etc.

The timing is bad...


I was sitting here in the basement pouting about the garage when I heard someone ring the door bell and turn the door knob at the exact same time. The door was locked though. I called Tom to ask if it was him. He said it wasn't. I live in a bi-level and so I went to look out the basement window and realized our motion light wasn't on- I couldn't see anyone (I'm thinking this is why they rang and turned knob since it was dark) I walked up the stairs, flipped the light on and looked out. Nobody...

Then I went upstairs and was in my bedroom (on back of the house) I looked out and saw a light in the back corner of the yard. I wondered if the neighbors had a solar light (kind of that color) I shut the blind... opened back up the blind and saw someone running away with a flashlight... he was running up the driveway of the neighbor's house behind us- up to the street......I freaked out!

I called the police. They tried to convince me it may have been a neighbor who had walked to their shed and was running away because they were cold.

YEAH RIGHT... I think they ran away because they saw me looking out my bedroom at them.

Tom arrived home. We went and talked to the neighbors... in the backyard you can see where some of our plants had been squashed from somebody stepping on them.

I'm SOOOOO glad I had locked the front door. Sometimes I'm guilty of leaving it unlocked when I shouldn't.